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The place to DISCOVER, BOOK, and STAYNTELL about your vacation rental experience. So you're probably asking yourself, "why would I use STAYNTELL.com"? Well for one, "we're here to help Vacationing Guest collectively decide the best vacation rental based on ratings, reviews, and criteria", and two, "we're here to give Vacation Rental Owners the tools and resources to successfully market and manage their vacation rental properties online".

STAYNTELL.com is a vacation rental platform that creates a better experience for Owners and Guest by bringing them closer together to establish a long lasting relationship. After-all who doesn't like connecting and sharing with like minded individuals!!
Reasons Why Guest "STAYNTELL" With Owners!
Guest can Discover and Book vacation rentals with ease!
You can sign-up and join with one click! Use your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, or OpenId credentials. No need to have a separate STAYNTELL account!
"For Your Peace of Mind", share your vacation rental experience with other STAYNTELL Guest by giving "Your Piece Mind"!
As a Guest you can link to your social networks to connect with Owners or Agents beyond STAYNTELL.com!
We've integrated Skype so you can chat with Owners or Agents before the booking process for FREE!
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